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Application Process

Q. How do I apply for a job at Cambridge Savings Bank?
A. You can submit your resume to Cambridge Savings Bank by clicking the APPLY button on each job opportunity page.

Q. What happens to my resume once it goes into the system?
A: Once you submit your resume, it is sent to our confidential database. The resume is then reviewed by an HR representative.


Q: How do I know my resume was submitted?
A: You will receive an automated email confirming submission of your resume into the database.


Q: Will I be contacted directly by CSB?
A: Yes, if your skill set matches the job requirements, a member of the Human Resources department will contact you to schedule an interview.


Leadership and Development

Q: Are there opportunities for me to transfer to other departments within the organization as a Cambridge Savings Bank employee?
A: Any full-time or part-time regular employee of Cambridge Savings Bank, who has been in their current position for a minimum of six (6) months, and is performing at the “successfully meets expectations” level or above is eligible to explore other opportunities within the company.


Q: Does Cambridge Savings Bank offer its employees career development programs?
A: Cambridge Savings Bank employees create personal development plans with their managers and in consultation with our Human Resources team. Employees develop effective skills and competencies needed to succeed through individual leadership assignments as well as internal and external development programs. Cambridge Savings Bank managers strive to ensure that employees take the necessary time to build skills and demonstrate capabilities that can open up new opportunities for career advancement.


Student Relations


Q: Can recent college graduates apply for full-time positions?
A: Yes! We are interested in hiring qualified candidates who have creative approaches to meeting the needs of our customers. We encourage recent college graduates to review our job postings under the job opportunities section on our website. Once you identify a position(s) that interests you, submit your resume for that specific position on the website. We encourage recent college graduates who complete internship assignments at Cambridge Savings Bank to apply for full-time, regular positions upon graduation.

Q: Are internships paid opportunities?
A: Yes, students are generally paid an hourly rate based on their academic level and previous work experience.


Q: Does Cambridge Savings Bank post their internship opportunities?
A:  When an internship opportunity is available at Cambridge Savings Bank, we will post the position on our website, as well as at specific colleges and universities.

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