Safe Deposit Boxes



Cambridge Savings Bank offers Safe Deposit Boxes at many of our locations. For more information, including pricing, sizes and availability, please contact your nearest Branch:


Arlington Center

Arlington Heights


Belmont Center


East Arlington

Lexington Center





Open your Safe Deposit Box for as little as $32/year**


Some items are great to keep in a safe deposit box while others may be better suited to be stored at home. Here’s a look at what should and shouldn’t be locked in your safe deposit box


Better at the Bank

  • Original documents, including:
    • Insurance policies
    • Birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates
    • Deeds. titles, mortgages, leases
    • Contracts
    • Stock certificates
    • Bonds
    • Certificates of Deposit
  • Valuable, durable objects, including:
    • Jewelry, medals, rare stamps, coins
  • Other collectibles
  • Photos of your home and its contents for insurance purposes
  • Small items that are irreplaceable to you


Better in a Residential Safe**

  • Anything that you may need at the quickly:
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Your Will and Living Wills
    • Medical Directives
    • Passports
    • Funeral and Burial Wishes

*Contents of safe Deposit Boxes are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC, by any other government agency or by the DIF. A Cambridge Savings Bank checking account with automatic deduction for the annual rent is required to open a Safe Deposit Box.

**Safe Deposit Box fees vary by size. Visit your local branch for Safe Deposit pricing and availability.

***You may want to keep certified copies of these documents in your Safe Deposit Box, as well. some states required recording of certain documents. Please check with your attorney.

- Call CSB at (888) 418-5626.

- For general inquiries, email us here.

- For specific account questions, please login to your WebBank account to send a secure email.

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