Debit and ATM Cards

Debit and ATM cards at CSB 

CSB cards — the ultimate in convenience and ease.

Why wait? With Instant Issue debit cards, you can even walk in and open an account and walk out with a debit card in your pocket1.

CSB Debit Cards allow you to:

  • Withdraw money free of charge at Cambridge Savings ATMs2
  • Get unlimited ATM surcharge refunds34 with some accounts
  • Make purchases at millions of locations that accept MasterCard®
  • Have peace of mind with zero liability for fraudulent activity


 Cambridge Savings Bank also offers ATM only cards.



To get your Cambridge Savings Debit or ATM Card, visit your nearest Branch Location or call (888) 418-5626 for more information.


Traveling Abroad?

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MasterCard® Secure Code 

MasterCard® SecureCode is a service from MasterCard® and the Bank that provides added peace of mind when you shop online, by providing extra protection against unauthorized use of an enrolled card. Click here to login to: MasterCard SecureCodeTM Program.


eNFACT Debit Card Fraud Protection Service 

Cambridge Savings Bank offers free security protection on all CSB debit cards. We utilize eNFACT, a fraud monitoring system, to identify suspicious or potentially fraudulent transaction activity. This system detects changes in purchase activity, as well as other patterns associated with fraudulent behavior.



If the eNFACT system detects potentially fraudulent activity on your debit card, you will receive a telephone call from (866) 750-9107 to verify recent transactions. Your immediate response to the call is critical in preventing potential risk. This will also help to avoid restrictions we may place on the use of your card. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to risk and the impact of any fraud. To ensure we can reach you should potential fraud be detected, please keep us informed of your current phone number. To update your phone number, please visit any of our banking centers or call our Customer Service Center at 888-418-5626.

1. Newly deposited funds may be available for immediate withdrawal

2. The daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is $500 and Point of Sale purchase limit is $1,500.

3. Other banks may impose a surcharge to use their ATMs. SuperSmart, EarnSmart and Relationship checking account customers will receive unlimited ATM surcharge refunds credited to their account at the end of each statement cycle. Please note: you must keep and submit your receipts to CSB to receive a surcharge refund when traveling abroad.

4. Due to increased ATM fraud activity some restrictions may apply. See us for details.

- Call CSB at (888) 418-5626.

- For general inquiries, email us here.

- For specific account questions, please login to your WebBank account to send a secure email.

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