Business WebBank

Business WebBank. Online access at the speed of business.

Manage your Cambridge Savings Bank business accounts from any computer with internet access.

Sign into your Business WebBank Account by clicking here.

Not enrolled in Business WebBank? With this free service you can:

  • View account balances and activity
  • Transfer Funds1 between Cambridge Savings business accounts, including automatic sweeps when account balances reach a predetermined level
  • Download account data to Quicken® or QuickBooks® by Intuit ®
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Order Deluxe® checks online
  • Communicate with Cambridge Savings Bank via secure e-mail

Optional services available through Business WebBank include:

  • Online Bill Payment with no monthly fee
  • Wire Transfers initiated from your PC
  • ACH transactions2 for recurring expenses such as employee payroll or leases
  • Electronic payment of taxes with Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)  

Want to learn more?

Learn more by reading our Business WebBank FAQsBusiness WebBank Agreement or by calling (888) 418-5626.





1 Transfers from statement savings accounts or money market accounts to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, facsimile, or computerized transfer are limited to six per monthly statement cycle. Continued transfers/withdrawals exceeding these numbers will result in the permanent restriction of these transfers. (For Retirement money market accounts, you are not allowed any checks or drafts to third parties.)

2Subject to approval.

- Call CSB at (888) 418-5626.

- For general inquiries, email us here.

- For specific account questions, please login to your WebBank account to send a secure email.

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