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Small businesses are the heart of our communities.

We are proud to spotlight our small business customers!

We know that small businesses play an important role in the local economy. At Cambridge Savings Bank, we understand how hard our customers work for their businesses, and we work hard for them. We offer solutions that help to meet our customers' visions and simple ways to move their businesses forward. 

Did you know?* 

  • 99.9% of all U.S. firms are small businesses.
  • 46.4% of all private-sector employees work for a small business.
  • Small businesses have accounted for 62.7% of net new jobs created since 1995.

There are many ways to support your favorite small business. Check out our customer spotlights below and don’t forget to shop local!

*U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, Frequently Asked Question, March 2023

What our customers say.

A Cambridge House Inn


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Donnelly + Co


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The Williams Agency


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CSB Customer Spotlights

James M. Igoe Attorney at Law

James M. Igoe Attorney at Law has served the community with criminal defense, family law, and probate services for nearly 30 years. 

He turns to Cambridge Savings Bank to hold escrowed funds and establish trust accounts for his clients. 

When asked how CSB has supported his practice, Mr. Igoe explained, “CSB has always met my needs and my clients' needs with professionalism and a smile. As probate law and family law continue to evolve, it's important for attorneys to have a solid financial institution they can rely on and recommend to their clients."


Lilibridge is a Boston-based, beach resort inspired accessories company. Created from the vibrant, island-inspired artwork of Boston artist Vanessa Douglas, their products have been designed to offer an effortless, fun style in a collection of bright, bold and playful prints. Made from hand-drawn designs that are hand-screen printed onto 100% natural cotton canvas, their bag & clutch can be used together or on their own and can be easily packed in a suitcase for your next vacation.


When asked how CSB has supported their business, co-founder, Abby Belge shared, “Having Cambridge Savings Bank as an extension of our team has saved the day on many occasions.” she continued, “They were more like a discerning partner, a supportive friend. They held our hands through really difficult decisions.”


Co-founder, Vanessa added, “We’re a two women show and we are so thankful for Cambridge Savings Bank. They’re part of our Lilibridge family.”



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43 Strategic Consulting

43 Strategic Consulting offers management consulting services for housing and health care organizations including businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Their staff has the experience, capabilities, and expertise to take your organization to the next level. 43 Strategic Consulting combines their insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your organization. They are proud to help shape and improve how their clients’ structure and manage their strategic priorities. Services include business development, market research, strategy development, cross-functional planning, staff augmentation, interim leadership roles, project management, marketing, public relations, and social media.


When asked why they chose CSB, Founder and Lead Consultant, Catherine West explained, “CSB continues to exceed expectations with their personalized approach and putting action behind words. CSB management and staff continue to demonstrate that they really care about small businesses and are here to support us every step of the way, as we grow and expand. I feel like CSB is in my corner – here to help my business succeed.”


“Our vision is to create a mid-size firm with a majority of women and people of color as consultants to advance meaningful change by delivering thoughtful, strategic, and impactful results for our clients and community.” Catherine also shared. “CSB’s promotion of my firm’s services to other businesses and financing support will help my company grow to the next level.”


To learn more about 43 Strategic Consulting and their services, please visit their website or give them a call at 650.421.1127



Donnelly + Co.

Donnelly + Co. is a residential real estate firm created for a single purpose: to make real estate better. With offices in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard; Donnelly + Co. has 30 agents between both locations, working directly with buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters.


When asked why they chose CSB, Broker & Owner, Pauline A. Donnelly explained, “CSB helped me get my business off the ground from the start, when every other bank wanted to see 3 months of success before they would lend me money. The personal attention I receive from CSB has truly contributed to my success. They believed in me and have been my partner from the beginning, as we were building the firm, during Covid when times were so uncertain, and now, when the business is 6 years old and thriving, they are still by my side.”


“I see Donnelly + Co. and CSB in partnership for the long term as we continue to grow. I know CSB will be there as we take Donnelly + Co. the next level.” Pauline added.”



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Sarah Cole Interiors

Sarah Cole Interiors is an interior design company located in Newton, MA that works on high-end residential projects in Newton and the surrounding communities. They specialize in transforming period and historic homes in a way that preserves architecture and character yet updates such homes with a fresh and transitional style. Their work includes a diverse portfolio of homes from Pre-Revolutionary America in downtown Boston to newly constructed homes in the suburbs and periods in between. Their work has also been recognized in many national and local publications, including Architectural Digest and The Boston Globe.


“Our passion is bespoke whole-home designs that reflect who our clients are in the context of their home's architecture and character.” Owner Sarah Cole shared. “Our approach relies on both our knowledge of history and design, as well as an understanding of our clients, and it is both technical as well as artistic.”


When asked why they chose CSB, owner, Sarah Cole explained, “I wanted a small, local bank that could offer exceptional service and personalized support. I know my clients' names, and it is important to me that my bank knows my name as well. Cambridge Savings Bank has been a true partner in my business, from providing a small business loan to keeping my accounts secure.” She added, “Whether big or small, I know Cambridge Savings Bank, especially everyone at my local Newton Centre branch will be there to assist me.”



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Le Macaron

Located in our historic Cambridge Savings Bank building in Harvard Square, Le Macaron Cambridge is a French pastry shop that focuses on the jewel on the French pastry – the macaron.


When asked about her delicious product, co-owner, Karine Ernest shared with us, “They are just incredibly beautiful, with so many different colors. We have about 20+ flavors. In addition to the macaron, we carry all sorts of wonderful French delicacies.”


When asked how CSB has supported her business since recently opening this fall 2022, Karine explained, “We’ve had an incredible experience with Cambridge Savings Bank. They have been with us every step of the way. The Regional bank VP has been phenomenal. He stops in almost every day to check up on us.” She added, It’s truly a partnership. I can’t say enough good things about Cambridge Savings Bank. I could not have managed and maneuvered this without their support.”



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Tiny Spoon Chef

Tiny Spoon Chef is a personal chef company known for providing more than 9 years of bespoke, curated service to a diverse clientele, working families, busy couples, and professional singles. They take the time to get to know each and every household down to their intimate food preferences, dietary needs and goals and work with them to create expansive solutions centered around grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation. Clients can expect to eat better, crush their health goals, and spend their hours more freely and joyfully!


Tiny Spoon Chef is a relationship business first and foremost. “We are a joy-first company for everyone associated with us!” Chef and Founder, Janice Carte explained, “We build those relationships with great food, but if we weren't fantastic teammates and fantastic with people, we just wouldn't be special at meeting people just where they need to be met.”


Janice moved her business banking to Cambridge Savings Bank after having a long-standing relationship with another national bank. “As we grew, the national bank kept consolidating and changing - the local branch and representatives I liked doing business with disappeared and my line-of-credit had to be managed through a series of calls to 800 numbers... it was too much.” Janice explained.


Tiny Spoon Chef is looking to expand business in the future through an additional location. “We've been working with Cambridge Savings Bank for pre-approval on that and, shortly, our mortgage will be through the bank. This is the first piece of real estate we are hoping to own, but not the only or last! I feel uniquely supported in running a business with a bank who understands how important it is for me to be entirely self-owned (we have no investors)” Janice stated. “It seems like many banks would be pushing to keep businesses extended a bit further than they are comfortable being, but I feel so respected and heard.”



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All She Wrote Books

All She Wrote Books is an intersectional, inclusive feminist and queer indie bookstore that supports, celebrates, and amplifies underrepresented voices through our thoughtfully curated selection of books spanning across all genres. When asked about the bookstore’s mission, owner Christina Ciampa explained, “All She Wrote Books is more than just a feminist/queer independent bookstore. It is a place where having conversations about meaningful topics with people is just as important as getting them their next read or helping them build on their to-be-read pile. It is a safe, inclusive space where you’re loved, cared for, and respected no matter what walk of life you come from. Bottom line: Accessibility and community are at the core of what we do, day in and day out.”


Aside from their brick-and-mortar location, folks can order from All She Wrote Books directly online 24/7 at They ship across the U.S., and internationally as well. For those able to visit in person, All She Wrote Books is open 6 days a week. Come say hi to the bookstore’s official pup-mascot and greeter – Ruby!


When asked about her relationship with CSB, Christina shared, “As a local small business, it is important to us to keep our money local. We knew that CSB could handle the type of banking our growing bookstore needed. Jane and the team at the CSB Assembly Row branch have made the experience of banking with CSB even more pleasurable and easy.” She added, “With CSB's commitment to continuously advancing their banking technology to meet the needs of their customers, for example with their Business Banking platform, I only see our relationship growing in the future.”



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nathálie and haley.henry

Haley Fortier is the owner and operator of two wine bars in Boston, nathálie and haley.henry. Both bars focus on small production, natural wine from around the globe. nathálie, located in the Fenway neighborhood, highlights female wine makers, which represent over 80% of their wine list in its entirety. While at haley.henry, guests can also enjoy more exotic items on the menu such as ceviche, crudo and most notably “tinned fish”. From food and wine enthusiasts to the curious-minded, all are welcome to explore the menu’s at each location.


“To be a women-owned business in this world, obviously has it’s own set of challenges. However, I try to keep authentic to what I am doing, and the rest seems to follow suit.” says Haley. “We are women here now, doing all the things that we need to be doing; creating powerful business models, supporting one another, crafting teams that are brilliant in a lot of ways. That’s got to say something…right?”


When asked how CSB has supported her businesses, Haley explained, “First & foremost, without CSB taking a chance on me, I never would have opened my first wine bar. That’s the truth. I went to four banks before going to CSB, with nothing to give but my business plan, my devotion to my project & my work ethic.” She added, “It’s been an incredible relationship for the past five years.”



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The Williams Agency

Nicola Williams is the President and founder of The Williams Agency, an award winning, marketing and event planning firm based in Cambridge with over 20 years of experience. As a boutique marketing and business strategy firm, The Williams Agency focuses on mission-driven projects such as sustainable food, culture and the arts. They offer a full range of marketing services, including strategic planning, brand development, campaign management, public relations, and market research.


When asked what it meant to be a woman-owned business, Nicola says, “I have led my business for 26 years and I am proud to be a woman-run business.” Growing up, Nicola was raised by Jamaican parents Cecile and Noel Williams were strong role models in work ethic and commitment to success. When launching her own agency, Nicola also drew inspiration from other women-owned business leaders, “I am also inspired by other women business owners, especially fellow women business owners who share similar values in community activism.”


“I consider Cambridge Savings Bank to be a long-term bank partner for my business. I have been a customer since I started my business 26 years ago.” Nicola’s agency was one of Cambridge Savings Bank’s first commercial loan customers. “I also appreciate the charitable priorities of the bank and a true community partner. I know many people who work at the bank and they have always been very responsive to my needs. Cambridge Savings Bank is my number #1 bank.”



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Albertine Press

Albertine Press (AP) is a letterpress print & design studio and stationery boutique for the paper-obsessed. In addition to letterpress-printed products made right in the studio, customers can discover an ever-changing assortment of cards, gifts, and curiosities sourced from other small, independent makers like AP. They also collaborate with couples to create tactile, artisanal wedding paper goods that set the tone for the celebration to come and remain a treasured keepsake long after the big day is over.


Browsing their shelves, physically or virtually, customers will find beautiful, practical goods that support local-makers, women-owned businesses, sustainable living, and thoughtful gifting. AP can help you find that perfect something that brings a smile to your close friends, family and loved ones.


When asked how CSB has supported AP, owner Shelley Barandes explained, “Cambridge Savings Bank has been such an integral part of the Albertine Press team. I feel very much that our account manager and CSB know me, know my business, and are there to support us in our growth and success.” she added, “It's reassuring to know we have access to a team of people dedicated to helping us figure out how to keep our finances healthy through the normal (and not so normal) ebbs and flows.”



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Shelter Music Boston

Carrie Eldridge-Dickson is the Managing Director of Shelter Music Boston (SMB). SMB presents classical chamber music concerts, of the highest artistic standards, in homeless shelters and other sheltering environments. “Our goal is to promote community, creative interaction, respect, and therapeutic benefit. We believe all people deserve access to the dignity, creativity, and passion of classical music whether or not they have a home.” Carrie explained.


SMB was founded in 2010 by professional violinist Julie Leven and is now co-led by managing director Carrie Eldridge-Dickson and artistic director Adrian Anantawan. “The field of classical music has historically been dominated by white men and in response, Shelter Music Boston has made a commitment to more inclusive programming.” Carrie explained. “SMB's mission is rooted in social justice and equity and our entire team is committed to creating social change through classical music wherever we perform.” Since COVID, SMB has pivoted their work for online accessibility.


“Banking with Cambridge Savings Bank continues to be an easy decision.” says Carrie. “We are on a first-name basis with the team members we work with and know that we can pick up the phone and call with any questions or issues.”



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