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Commercial Account Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2023

Commercial Checking Account Services
Monthly Maintenance (Monthly) $ 18.00
Negative Collected Balance (Average daily per month) Prime + 3.00%
Duplicate Statement (Monthly per account) $ 3.00
Armored Car Deposit (Per deposit) $ 5.00
Branch/ATM/ITM Deposits (Per deposit) $ 0.85
Mail Deposit (Per deposit) $ 5.00
Mail Deposit Item (Per item) $ 0.50
Night Deposit Processing Fee (Per deposit) $ 2.00
Per Item Deposited (Per item) $ 0.15
Canadian Check Collection (Per item) $ 25.00
Foreign Check Collection 1 (Per item) $ 40.00
Checks Paid (Per item) $ 0.25
Stop Payments (Per item) $ 35.00
Stop Payments entered online (Per item) $ 25.00
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid 6 (Per item) $ 10.00
ACH Credit (Per item) $ 0.25
ACH Debit (Per item) $ 0.25

Wire Services 2
Domestic - Incoming (Per item) $ 15.00
Domestic - Outgoing (Per item) $ 30.00
Online Banking Domestic - Outgoing (Per item) $ 15.00
International - Incoming (Per item) $ 15.00
International - Outgoing (Per item) $ 40.00
Online Banking International - Outgoing (Per item) $ 35.00

Business Debit Cards 3
Transaction at CSB ATMs (Per item) No Charge
Transaction at All Other ATMs Withdrawals/Balance Inquiries (surcharges by other banks may also apply) (Per item) $ 1.50
Re-issued Card
  Branch (Per card) $ 10.00
   Expedited Mail (domestic) (Per card) $ 25.00
   Expedited Mail (international) (Per card + shipping) $ 25.00
International ATM & Point of Sale (POS) Transactions (Per item) 0.75%

Other Business Services 3
Insufficient Funds (NSF) / Uncollected Funds (UCF) 4 (Per instance) $ 40.00
Research (including statement copies) 5 (Per hour) $ 40.00
Copy of any Document (Per document) $ 3.00
Verification of Deposit (Per item) $ 10.00
Money Order (Per item) $ 4.00
Treasurers Check (Per item) $ 6.00
Domestic Check Collection (Per item) $ 30.00
Garnishments and Levy Processing (Per item) $ 75.00
Courier Fee 5 (Per request) Varies
Night Deposit Key Replacement (Per key) $ 5.00
Bill Pay Rush Delivery (overnight) payment by ACH (Per item) $ 7.00
Bill Pay Rush Delivery (overnight) payment by check (Per item) $ 30.00

Interest-Bearing Accounts 3
Commercial Savings, Below $1,000 Minimum Average Monthly Balance (Monthly) $ 5.00
Commercial Money Market, Below $25,000 Minimum Average Monthly Balance (Monthly) $ 20.00
Commercial Savings and Commercial Money Market Excess Transactions (Limit of 6 withdrawals per month) (Per item) $ 10.00
Commercial Money Market Stop Payment (Per item) $ 30.00
IOLTA Checking (Monthly) No Charge

Commercial checking accounts earn a monthly Earnings Credit that may offset some or all service charges for the month. The average collected balance is used to calculate the earnings credit and the earnings credit rate is variable. See the Understanding Your Deposit Account Handbook for Business Accounts for more information.
You may be assessed additional Foreign Check Collection fees by the sending bank.
Wire and ACH Service charges are assessed to accounts not included in analysis. Monthly charges are applied at month end and per item charges are applied at the time of the transaction.
Fees for all Business Debit Cards, Other Business Services, and Interest-Bearing Accounts are not included in account analysis.
You may be assessed additional NSF or uncollected funds fees for the same item if the sending bank or merchant requests that the item be represented for payment.
Fees will be disclosed prior to being charged.
If a deposited item that has been previously returned unpaid is presented an additional time for payment it will be subject to additional fees if returned again.