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Financial Education Program

Let us help you make better financial decisions, starting now.

At CSB, we believe in the power of knowledge and are committed to supporting the financial wellness of the communities we serve. 

Our program offerings include custom courses for organizations, as well as standard workshops for community members of all ages. Check out the information below or connect with us to see how we can help you build your money management skills.

  • Student Programs

    We offer a variety of interactive programs for age groups ranging from kindergarten through high school. These lessons are designed to introduce students to useful money concepts, and to help them successfully begin their individual financial journeys. The topics covered include budgeting, saving, managing a checking account, fraud prevention, and more.

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  • Community Programs

    In collaboration with local nonprofit organizations, we offer a range of sessions that provide financial education to the communities we serve. These interactive workshops are designed to provide participants with skills that may help them manage their money wisely, begin to build savings, avoid unmanageable debt, understand the importance of credit, and protect themselves from fraud.

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  • CSB @ Work Programs

    CSB @ Work is an employee banking and financial wellness program that is customized to the needs of your organization and can be provided as a part of your benefits package. Through this program, we offer a variety of financial education workshops delivered onsite, an employee banking package, and access to a financial professional to create a personalized financial strategy.

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  • Small Business Programs

    Our Small Business Training Program provides small businesses with information on best practices related to marketing, cash flow, credit, and available financing options. Upon completion of this training program, participants are matched up with a senior level, experienced business banker who will help guide graduates through the complexities of owning a business.

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Workshop Calendar

October 16, 2021

Learn more about the home buying process and receive an introduction to affordable loan programs.

Registration and additional information.

October 20, 2021

Learn what a nest egg is and how you can build your savings at any age.

Registration and additional information.

November, 2021

Learn more about the components of financial planning and how this can help you reach your financial goals.

Registration information to come.

January, 2022

Learn how to create a budget that works for you and see how you can build your savings.

Registration information to come.


 April, 2022

Learn about the types of credit available and how you can establish, improve, and maintain credit scores.

Registration information to come.

June, 2022

Explore the steps involved in buying a new home and how you can save on your new mortgage.

Registration information to come.

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