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Bank exec discusses commercial real estate trends in the Boston market


The pandemic has impacted every type of property in some way. However, many of the trends we’re seeing today were already in motion before the health crisis hit — they’ve just been accelerated. Out of all the commercial real estate sectors, office space is probably the biggest unknown, according to Aidan Hume, senior vice president of commercial real estate here at Cambridge Savings Bank, in this podcast.

“Pre-Delta, we saw so much rebound quickly … I think we could see people come back [to the office], but it'll be in a different type of building. We'll see a lot more touchless technology ... And we could see a situation where every employee has a little bit more space,” said Hume.

Listen as Hume shares what he’s seeing in a variety of real estate sectors, including office space, retail, multifamily housing, urban and student areas, single family, downtown luxury, industrial and life sciences.